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Herbs TV Presents: Canna-travel

Mike McKenzie

It's about that time for winter to clench the east coasts' neck like a vice grip.  Although we've been teased with warmer than normal temperatures, the inevitable is around the corner.  Staring out the window into endless white, wishing we were on a sandy beach or even some slopes, is a wintertime norm.  We think: what would be better than being laid out on a beach or cuddled up next to a fire, spliff in hand?  The booming cannabis industry is allowing for those thoughts to become realities.  Let the guys over at Boulder based Bud and Breakfast help you book your safe canna-friendly accommodations worldwide.  The Travel Joint is the worlds only travel and leisure site offering 420 lodging, dispensaries and events.  Start planning a 420 road trip with Colorado Cannabis Tours, who is turning the Denver cannabis scene into an experience by going behind the scenes of the some of the areas most renowned cannabis businesses.

Our sweet plant is finding its way into every day life more and more.  Where has everyone been?  The fusion of lifestyle and cannabis is what we do over here and these guys are doing the same.